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AQW - Newsletter =AQW= Player vs Player Combat! 16 April 2010

It is a whole new AQWorlds, Hero!


Following the successful launch of the PTR server comes a special PvP Preview! Select members will be the first to EXP Player vs Player combat and even have a chance at obtaining the super-rare Werepyre Slayer Set. Test your strength against fellow members in an all new Darkovia Battleground Map while everyone else can *try* to take down Chaos Lord Wolfwing!


Login now and discover the brand new AQWorlds 1.0!



Got loose change? Turn it into the RARE Rixty Ripper Scythe today! Rixty is the newest way to get upgrades in all of your favorite AE games and with this special limited-time promotion, the Rixty Ripper Scythe can be yours! You can find out everything you need to know about Rixty by taking a quick look at our Homepage and Design Notes. Wield the awesomeness that is Rixty!



Preview the newest addition to the PTR engine: Player vs Player combat! This Member-only battleground map is the first of its kind, and we need your help to test it out! There is even a superb incentive: the super-rare Werepyre Slayer Set. Collect enough PvP Combat Trophies to unlock the FIRST ever PvP set:


•Werepyre Slayer Armor

•Werepyre Slayer Helm

•Werepyre Slayer Wings

•Werepyre Slayer Sword


Will you be the first to collect the entire set? Only the bravest, strongest, and most committed Members will be able to harness the power of the Werepyre Slayer!



Celebrate the release of the PTR with an entire shop dedicated to PTR items! Literally. A shop full of items whose initials spell out P-T-R! It is confirmed that these items are RARE and will only be available for one week. You would not want to miss your chance at owning these 7 PTR weapons, including:


•Precise Talisman of the Ranger

•Precision Tachi of the Remarkable

•Pheonix Temper and Revenge

•And more!



You have survived the Darkovian war. You have united the Lycan pack and Vampire clan.  You defeated the Vampiric War Boss Edvard too, along with the Dracowerepyre. If you thought those battles were hard, just wait until you confront Wolfwing himself! Wolfwing is not your average boss, let alone Chaos Lord; you and your friends will have to figure out how to take down this beast. It will be a battle unlike any other!

*Hint: You are going to have to team up for this showdown. And make sure you have a healer in your group…


Battle On!

Artix, Beleen, Cysero, and the AQW Team